Sunday, September 28, 2014


On today's outfit, I paired this crop top with this colourful stripes high waisted pants. I thought it was a great way to hide those lower pooch belly without compromising myself from wearing the kind of top that look like it got shrink from the washing machine. That's how I liked it. So until, I get myself a flat abdominal, high waisted anything will have to do for now.
As you may have noticed by now, my fringe is a lot shorter and had finally put my contemplation to rest. In my book, having a fringe above the eyebrow is a ballsy act. I mean what do I actually got to lose? It's just hair after all. And, well, what do you know? It turns out better than I thought. I've never felt entirely satisfied towards a new look. It's usually loaded with self-doubt and question the looks appeared on every passerby.

I may have gotten some mix reviews- some really negative ones, but you know, you have come towards self acceptance when you don't give a damn about what others think about the way you look and how you should look. And with that, no one can take anything away from you.

Outfit details: Zara crop top and Pixie market high waisted shorts. 

Photo taken by: Esther X. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Day to Night: Rockin' the Statement Lips

Eversince Michelle Phan created a video on basic smokey eyes, my life has changed- I was no longer hopeless in the technical part of make up like the blending and smudging. As a self taught make up artist herself, she proved that as long as you are eager to learn- you can do it! So yes, I learn all my make up skills through her and working at the Bodyshop helps alot with the different eye shapes, tones, and smudging.

Here are two looks from Day to Night- using a few shades of brown and two lip colours can make a whole lot of difference yet easy and fuss free. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Light
Day Look
Lancome L'absolue Rouge
Night Look

Read on to find out how I transform from day to night.
First of, squeeze a pea size amount on the back of your hand.I used Estee Lauder Double Wear Light foundation. With this foundation, there is no need for touch-up. Lasted me throughout the day!
Estee lauder double wear light
Next, apply the foundation starting from one side of your side then move on to the other.
ClearLast Peach John
Powder your face to set your make up and put on blusher on the apple of your cheek. The one I'm using here is from Clear Last Peach John in Medium.
Use any colour closest to your skintone and apply it on your crease as shown above to subtly contour your eyes. To those of you who dont know where you crease is, it's in between your brow bone and eyeball. 
Stila eyeshadow
Here I used my trusty Stila's In the Light eyeshadow palette. Long lasting colours and this baby last me for ages.
Apply a bronze colour on your entire eyelid and avoid the browbone and line your eyes. It looks heavy here, but in real life, it's quite subtle.

For a soft look, put on a soft pink lip colour. Neutral pink lipstick could do no wrong. You can go with a nude lipsticks if you are not into pink tones.

Moving on to night look, all I've to do is intensify my eye makeup with a darkbrown eye shadow especially around the eyelids. 
Once you are done with that, you could either stick with the same neutral lip colour oor amp it up with a red lipcolour. If you have warm skin tone like me, your best colour would be a wine-y red colour or red with orange tones.
To hightlight your lip, instead of using your usual highlighter shade, turn it up by using a gold eyeshadow! I used half baked from Urban Decay. Dab a little on on the centre of your lips and blend.

Photo credit: Esther X.

There you have it! Have fun ya'll.

Friday, September 12, 2014

New York Fashion Week S/S 2015

Photobomb alert! It's the time of the year, NY Fashion Week featuring all designers SS collections.  One of those nerve wrecking occasion-where dressing up is taken very seriously and not as non-chalant as we'd like to think of your everyday streetstyle photos. In fact, looking your best is a must! You got to act like you wake up looking like this and aware of your behaviour and expression. However, this doesn't stop me from lusting over these streetstyle photos. This is one of those occasion where I could only dream of going. And, here are my picks, there are here for my inspiration and I hope it serve as yours. 

Images from: collagevintage, jeffthibodeauco,,harpersbazaar

Before I end this post, have you watch Jimmy Kimmel's opinion on fashionistas in NY Fashion week? It's hilarious, click play- it will definitely crack you up.

Have a cray-zy weekend!
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